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4x5 Camera:

This is my large format 4x5 camera that was bought locally on craigslist for a steal! It's an Omega 45E/F with a super sharp Nikkor-W 150mm f5.6. The deal also included 12 complete 4x5 film holders and the storage case (important since it's stored upside down). The camera is solid and has rise, fall, shift and tilt movements on both the front and back (as demonstrated below). Shooting 4x5 and larger really makes you sit down and think about your composure and exposure.




Above: Camera folded up


Above: A picture of the ground glass back. Note it's naturally upside down! You must compose with the image upside down!



5x7 Burke and James Camera

This is a field folding type camera. I use this one specifically with wet plate. The lens is a shutterless Wollensak Velostigmat Series II 8.25in (200mm) f4.5 lens. This lens is based on the three element Tessar design and has no anti-reflective coatings. I believe this lens dates back to the 1940's. I've made some very sharp plates with this one.







8x10 Gundlach Korona

This camera is a folding field type camera. The previous owner fully restored the camera which includes stripping and re-varnishing the wood and polishing the metal parts. It's really a beautiful camera and folds up quite compact considering its size. The bellows are in suprisingly great shape considering that they are original. What's really nice is that there is a built-in geared extention rail! Most external extention rails get lost and are hard to find. In the second picture, notice that the built-in extention rail is extended a bit. I installed a Nikkor 300mm f5.6 lens in a Copal 3 shutter in a homemade lens board.







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